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Electrical Heating


O&H’s Electricians Torquay are qualified under the Electrical Certification Scheme, and rightly so because the company has 18 solid years of experience, ensuring that our clients have the best quality electrical heating, be it in a commercial, industrial or domestic environment.

At O&H Electrical, we take care of your needs from beginning to end. We send out competent engineers to install your electrical heating, and we are always available to provide aftercare and maintenance of new and existing heating solutions. Should any electrical breakdowns occur, you can rely on us to swiftly deal with these. It is a given that electrical rewires, which are needed from time to time, are also part and parcel of our service.

Because electricity is one of the UK’s most costly energy sources, you may have been advised not to choose these options, but to switch to gas, which can be cheaper in some situations. However, simply installing a gas boiler costs over £2,000, on top of which you will have to consider the price of new radiators. Electronics are also safer than gas heaters, especially in certain environments.

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    When it comes to electrical heating options, O&H’s Electricians Torquay provide underfloor heating, in screed heating cables, insulations, thermostats, designing and heating and ventilation.

    Energy Efficient Heating Solutions

    It is absolutely viable to stick with electricity and to avoid the associated problems. For example, you can install heaters that are more efficient at retaining heat. There will be a cost to replacing old, inefficient heaters, but the savings will build up. Such a process involves a lot of electrical rewires, but our electricians will deal with those in no time.

    At O&H, we also provide green solutions such as solar panels and ground and air source heat pumps. Green energy is renewable and non-polluting unlike gas, as well as being more economical.

    Furthermore, if you ask us to install thermostats as part of your heating solution, you can regulate the temperature and how long the device stays on. Turning your thermostat down by one degree saves a huge amount of money, as well as helping the environment if your fuel is carbon based.

    If you would like us to install any of our heating solutions, or if you have an electrical breakdown that needs dealing with, all you need to do is contact us, and we will send an electrician to your premises to sort everything out for you.

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