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Emergency Lighting Services

O&H Electrical provides emergency lighting services in Torquay for domestic and commercial applications. The most crucial motivation to have this type of lighting is safety. An example is when a power outage occurs in your home – people should be able to find their way around. Also, in commercial buildings, emergency illumination is necessary to light stairs and fire exits. In electrical emergency cases, these lights allow occupants and rescue units to get in and out of buildings without problems.

Varied Services

If you have just bought a new building or are constructing one, make certain that the lighting is in perfect working condition. We can design lighting that suits a building’s requirements and then do the installation. Our electricians can conduct the required inspections to find out the state of the lighting. If there is a need for electrical rewires to fix some problems, we have the best people for it. Some buildings go for years without maintenance and that can cause an electrical breakdown. Our technicians have the necessary expertise to carry out repairs that will get the lighting back on.

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  • Torquay, Devon including:
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  • Call O&H to design, install and maintain emergency lighting in your residential or commercial property. Get reputable electricians Torquay when you need electrical rewires and other repair services.


    Proper maintenance of lighting can save you a lot of money, whether it’s for your home or business property. O&H provides testing services as well. Periodic testing of lighting is one of the best ways to ensure adequate maintenance. If there is a threat of an electrical breakdown, then a test will indicate that. Detecting these problems in the early stages can prevent damage and help you upgrade your system to more current measures. Our electricians do PAT testing for different types of business. We keep interruptions to a minimum to ensure that your business is not affected.

    Meeting Compliances

    There are regulations for lighting in commercial buildings. For instance, fire exits or other emergency signage should be illuminated. Lighting in a commercial building should adhere to fire safety legislation and building codes. Our electricians in Torquay are up to date with the latest rules on lighting for emergency scenarios. The UK has regulations on the design, installation, and maintenance of lighting. A suitable design must provide a clear indication of escape routes and allow safety operations during emergencies, among other requirements. Before we start a design, we get assurances that it meets safety compliances. If lighting installations require licenses from the local authorities, then we will inform you about it.

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