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O&H Energy Saving

Ever since Mr David Otto started the company in 1999, our reputation as a competent and reliable company has grown steadily. We provide the energy saving services of professional electricians in Torquay and in the surrounding areas including all of Devon, Exeter, Plymouth, Newton Abbot and the whole South West of England. While O&H provides top-quality, up-to-the-minute professional services, we continue to be a family run business on friendly terms with our many customers. We take pride in offering our customers alternative, energy efficient services including solar panels, ground source heat pumps & air source heat pumps.

Energy saving products are now viable reality

A growing number of products give us the means to help the environment and save money by using energy more efficiently. There are many energy-friendly devices on the market: eco-shower-heads reduce water consumption, computer eco-buttons activate stand-by mode when idle, radiator boosters improve winter heating, energy-saving plugs reduce power consumption. Domestic appliances are now all environment-friendly and at O&H, we are pleased to advise and assist in new installations. We also suggest electrical rewires as another energy-saving tactic; old electric wiring is one of the main causes of energy dispersion.

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  • Torquay, Devon including:
  • Torbay
  • Exeter
  • Newton Abbot
  • Plymouth
  • We are among the top electrical companies in the UK; we offer certified, top-quality electrical services; we are dedicated to energy saving and green energy; we are O&H Electrical Ltd.

    LED lighting replacements have come a long way

    It is hard for most people to start thinking in Lumens and not Watts when purchasing new light bulbs, but energy efficiency requires this major change-around in our home lighting. Those who have come to appreciate the advantages of the new long-lasting LED lights are enthusiastic; many homes have taken advantage of our rewiring services and have opted for full-scale electrical rewires along with a complete change-over to LED.

    Green energy

    Environmentally-friendly green energy is the path to the future, and there are many highways and by-ways that lead there. Sun, wind and water are the future power providers and O&H are keeping abreast of all the pertinent technology and installation requirements of green energy systems. Working with the Warmer Group, specialists in green technologies and renewable energy, we aim to install these systems in an ever-increasing number of houses. Solar energy is already everywhere, even powering a plane to fly around the world. Can we envisage a future with solar panels on every roof, providing us all with clean, cheap energy?

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